A Charitable Organization that Fosters Creativity in Youth Across Canada

Ripple Foundation aims to empower the next generation of leaders by cultivating a passion for reading and writing in youth while fostering creativity. Ripple Foundation is grounded by these core pillars:

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Fostering creativity matters. Today’s innovative ideas and creations are a result of an individual daring to imagine and dream.

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Supporting and developing programs to teach Canadian youth the benefits of creativity and knowledge in their current and future lives.

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Advocating for creativity and education in youth has the potential to shape the leaders of tomorrow.


Ripple Foundation creates community programs for youth that improve reading and writing skills while promoting the power of creativity.

Kids Write 4 Kids
An annual writing contest for youth in grades 4-8. The winning stories are published into books made available for sale online. The proceeds from these book sales are donated to the winner’s charity of choice; helping to foster a sense of philanthropy. Youth authors serve as inspiration for their peers. » View Books

Write It Workshops
The Write It Workshops is a creative writing program for grades 4-8 that focuses on improving the writing skills of children through fun, interactive activities through which participants are encouraged to find their voice and gain confidence in their choices as a writer. » Learn More

Wave Blog 
The Wave Blog is dedicated to amplifying the voices of young writers through the publication of posts written by youth in grades 8-12. Contributors get to share their experiences and thoughts on topics relevant to their peers. This platform strives to increase the public’s awareness of young authors and their voices. » Read Blog


Meet some of our dedicated individuals

Run 100% on the efforts of volunteers; we are continuously looking for people who believe in our mission and want to give back to their communities by volunteering their skills and knowledge for our cause. If you are passionate in promoting literacy and creativity to children and youth, get in touch with us.

"Using my knowledge and skills to create and give back to a cause I believe in gives me an inner satisfaction that words cannot fully describe."

Photograph of Ivy Wong
Ivy Wong

Founder / Publisher

"When my son's face lights up as we read a book together, I'm reminded of the joy and excitement a story can bring. I hope to encourage that light in other children with the Ripple Foundation, helping to inspire a love of reading and writing in youth."

Photograph of Lily
Lily Gutman

Director of Partnerships

"I'm honoured to be involved in an organization that aligns with my belief – advocating for creativity and education in youth has the potential to shape the leaders of tomorrow."

Andy Lee


"Books and reading have always been a huge and important part of my life. As a child, they gave me access to new worlds and taught me about all manner of things. Working with Ripple Foundation allows me to encourage and foster the same love of reading in today’s youth."

Photograph of Tamara
Tamara Capar

Wave Blog Editor

"It's so important that we encourage the next generation to explore the depths of their imaginations and put pen to paper. This is exactly why I want to help spread the word about the amazing, free resources Ripple Foundation offers for youth across Canada."

Bethany Willetts

PR Lead

"Using my skills and knowledge as a Human Resources professional, I choose to volunteer at Ripple Foundation because it embraces and encourages writing in children, which equips them with the communication and thinking skills that foster their ability to refine and explain their ideas."

Tracey Lee

HR Manager

"Writing and reading helped me find my voice as a child, and it is my pleasure to be part of a cause that encourages children to grow as writers and creative thinkers."

Zhala Taghi-Zada

Writing Workshop Manager

"I believe that we can make a positive impact in our communities by inspiring the next generation always to be curious and creative. I hope that those who join our programs can develop their unique voice and feel confident to run wild with their imagination."

Joanne Li

Social Media Designer

"I've always admired the big imagination that young children have - the way their minds wander and explore the unknown. The Ripple Foundation supports and inspires young children to harness that imagination, and I am so excited to be apart of it."

Banu Parama

Program Outreach Manager

"Having benefited from what life's given me, I want to give back by volunteering for an organization that is as passionate about reading and writing as much as I am."

Bunny Zheng

Workshop Co-ordinator

"Ripple Foundation is opening the doors to encourage youth to write and be proud of it. We learn by collaborating, encouraging, and improving."

Nicholle White

Program Assistant

"As a parent, I always believed that teaching kids how to effectively communicate and express themselves at an early age goes a long way. Ripple gives me that opportunity to work for the betterment of our kids."

Image of Sanjeev Chandna
Sanjeev Chandna

Program Outreach

"As a Program Facilitator at the Ripple Foundation, it has allowed me to hone my teaching and communication skills. Our young writers' enthusiasm for literature inspires me to pursue new challenges in my writing endeavours."

Image of Natalie Welsh
Natalie Welsh

Writing Workshop Facilitator