Are you in grades 8-12 and preparing for Canada’s evolving workforce?

Join us for a virtual gathering and empower your transition from high school to the professional world. Engage with a diverse range of individuals, broaden your post-secondary knowledge, and secure your future confidently from anywhere in Canada!

For: Grades 8-12 Students
Date: Sunday, February 25, 2024
Time: 12:00 PM – 4:15 PM (EST)
Format: Virtual 


12:00 - 12:30 PM

Introduction to Post Secondary Life Presentation

Presented by Tinu Olawuyi

Dive into potential student pathways and discover the perfect fit for you. Get exclusive access to our comprehensive resource database.

12:30 - 1:30 PM

Unique Pathways Round Table
Speaker Panel: David Ahrens, Naomi Harper, Wendy Morihovitis, and Dr. Christina Carew

Moderator: Caroline Li, Youth Team Hear from professionals who chose the road less traveled, their stories, and how to harness versatile skills for varied paths.

1:30 - 2:00 PM


2:00 - 3:30 PM

Student Round Table

Speaker Panel: Zoya Reebye, Sumayyah Satia, Reet Khinda, Cyrus Sarfaty, Sophia Zheng, and Kalen Brijcoomar

Moderators: Christine Meng, Hanna Grover, Youth Team

Discuss the modern Canadian student experience, touching on topics like career guidance gaps in education, peer pressures, and decision paralysis.

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Student Code of Ethics Presentation

Presented by David Ahrens

Master workplace success with invaluable insights and myth-busters.  An interactive session designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills for success.

4:00 - 4:15 PM

Closing Remarks & Exciting Prize Draw
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Unique Pathways Round Table

David Ahrens

David is a former tech industry executive with 27 years of experience, is now a top real estate agent in Ontario and Florida. He’s an avid triathlete with over 120 races, including 19 Ironmans. David also serves on two non-profit boards and organizes a community event. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University and has completed several leadership courses. David enjoys global travel and cultural exploration.

Naomi Harper

Originally from Scotland, Naomi transitioned from London’s insurance industry to a product role at meal-kit company in Toronto. Her career journey, diverging from her university studies, highlights the importance of transferable skills and passion in shaping professional paths. Naomi’s story demonstrates that career trajectories can extend beyond academic confines, reflecting a broader perspective on professional development.

Wendy Morihovitis

After 37 years in engineering and tech management, Wendy retired in April 2023. She now volunteers for Fair Vote Canada, focusing on Electoral Reform. Wendy co-chairs Fair Vote York Region, applying her corporate skills to boost interest, knowledge, and volunteers. She’s married with three kids in their 20s, enjoys running for fitness and mental health, and shares her love for running, hiking, and travel with close friends.

Dr. Christina Carew

Dr. Christina is a functional medical investigator who approaches health with an out-of-the-box problem-solving attitude. Christina became a naturopathic doctor after experiencing her own complex health journey. A second career, Christina was previously an award-winning marketing director working in the fields of advertising, public relations, and digital development before career shifting. Her passion is to make health “easy to understand” for everyone.

Introduction to Post Secondary Life

Tinu Olawuyi

Tinu Olawuyi, a Career Coach at Toronto Public Library, boasts 16 years of experience assisting post-secondary students. She’s dedicated to equipping them for success, offering academic advising, career coaching, employment prep, leadership development, and mentorship. Tinu’s passion lies in building young adults’ confidence and empowering them to achieve academic and career goals with the right tools and resources.

Student Round Table

Zoya Reebye

Zoya, a grade 10 student in Vancouver, BC, is driven by her values of empathy and helping others. Her volunteering contributes to community well-being and broadens her skills and perspectives. Passionate about the conference’s youth-led approach for sharing wisdom, Zoya enjoys social justice, dystopian films like Black Mirror, and rap music, especially Kendrick Lamar.

Sumayyah Satia

Sumayyah is a grade 9 student at Westdale High School in Hamilton. She values the opportunities Ripple Foundation offers Canadian students to enhance learning and personal development. Volunteering for her is a privilege, enabling her to meet new people and develop essential skills. While she enjoys watching movies and snacking, her current school workload limits this hobby.

Reet Khinda

Reet, a grade 10 student from Edmonton, Alberta, is passionate about education and mental health. She advocates for student consultations in educational discussions to develop effective solutions. Reet aims to ignite conversations at this conference, sharing her and others’ experiences. Outside volunteering, she enjoys singing, volleyball, bullet journaling, podcasts, and reading on her patio.

Sophia Zheng

Sophia, a grade 10 student from Richmond Hill, Ontario, views education as vital, especially for students exploring career paths and interests. She values analyzing educational issues regarding student mental health, peer pressure, career planning, and academic competition and finding ways to solve them. Her hobbies include drawing, skiing, running, music, reading, and spending time with her cat.

Cyrus Sarfaty

Cyrus, a grade 11 student from Toronto, is passionate about expressing his opinions. He can craft precise arguments on real-world issues through Ripple, utilizing his writing skills to spark change on a national platform. He’s also working on his full-length rap opera akin to Hamilton.

Kalen Brijcoomar

Kalen, a grade 10 student in Toronto, Ontario struggled with his career awareness and planning in the past. He’s participating in the student roundtable because he sees the conference as an opportunity to learn about himself and share his insights with those in the community.

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MEET the Dynamic Team Behind the Conference

Meet the dedicated high school students leading the charge for this year’s conference. Each member shares a personal connection to this year’s theme, driven by their own experiences and aspirations. From grappling with career choices to navigating the challenges of post-secondary planning, these students embody the spirit of the conference. Their commitment to the Ripple Foundation and to each other is a testament to their belief in the power of youth to inspire and lead. Meet these inspiring young minds:

Maddux Ma

Maddux is a grade 12 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, and recognizes career choice paralysis as a significant challenge among high school students. Maddux aims to organize a conference to shed light on the importance of higher education and the value of transferable skills.

Manya Singla

Manya, a grade 11 student at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, joined the team to address the confusion and tension she observed among students choosing post-secondary paths. She aims to guide and direct youth through this conference, appreciating the collective effort to clarify these choices.

Hanna Grover

Hanna, a grade 10 student at Southridge School in Vancouver, BC, is motivated by the personal and widespread fear of career choice among students. She believes that discussing this issue can empower young people to enter the workforce, utilizing their unique talents confidently. Hanna aims to inspire and empower the next generation through this initiative.

Caroline Li

Caroline, a grade 12 student at Richmond Hill High School in Richmond Hill, Ontario, joined the team to share her insights as she transitions to adulthood. She seeks to inform students about university applications, scholarships, and job opportunities, wishing to offer knowledge she wished she had earlier. Caroline aims to enlighten students across Canada about various careers and opportunities.

Christine Meng

Christine, a grade 10 AP student at St. Theresa of Lisieux CHS in Richmond Hill, Ontario, has volunteered with Ripple Foundation since 2022. Advocating for creative literacy, she has gained valuable experiences and connections. Planning her post-secondary path early, Christine understands students’ struggles and hopes the conference will clarify questions and provide reassurance.

Erica Li

Erica, a grade 10 student in the pre-IB program at St. Robert CHS in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is passionate about exploring post-secondary options. Believing there’s a place for everyone, she’s dedicated to helping others find their path through volunteering. Erica’s enthusiasm for the upcoming youth conference stems from her desire to assist in navigating the many choices available.