We want kids to succeed in the future.

ripple foundation creates and delivers free community programs advocating creative literacy for grades 4-12.

Our Mission

Ripple Foundation is a 100% volunteer-run educational charity in Canada committed to fostering creative literacy among children and youth. Our initiatives nurture creativity, confidence, and critical thinking, equipping young minds for future success through our free and engaging programs.

Personal Growth

Creative literacy fosters imagination, critical thinking, self-expression and encourages kids to explore new ideas and perspectives.

Build Confidence

Creative writing, storytelling, and artistic expression allow them to discover their unique voices and develop self-awareness and confidence.

Develop Social Skills

Engaging in creative activities encourages communication and connecting, which is crucial in developing social skills and empathy.


The benefits of creative literacy empower children to become confident and compassionate, which can lead to being successful leaders.

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What’s Happening
In Person Workshops

Join us at Brampton Southwest and Cyril public libraries for workshops in July and August this summer. Call (905) 793-4636 x 74264 to register.