Get your child’s creativity and imagination flowing with a book written by a Canadian peer!

Inspire kids with captivating books written by winners of our Canada-wide writing contest in grades 4 to 8! Each book is edited and illustrated by a talented team before publication. Books are available in paperback for $9.99, and ebooks for $3.99. Proceeds from book sales in 2022 will be donated to The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. 

Some of the youth authors are featured in the news

by Megan Lam, Grade 7

by Cora Arvidson, Grade 7

by Sumal Ashfaq, Grade 8

by Olivia Hashem, Grade 8

by Tvisha Lakhani, Grade 7

by Brynne Storey, Grade 4

The Shores of Miami written by Szerminski

by Lucy Szerminski, Grade 7

The Third Floor written by Elijah Wachowiak

by Elijah Wachowiak, Grade 7

Mrs. Smafpaf, written by Emaan Ali

by Emaan Ali, Grade 6

Summon the Magic, written by Emily Little

by Emily Little, Grade 6

How to be an Abbott, written by Olivia Simms

by Olivia Simms, Grade 8

The Big Red Balloon, written by Mya Barnett

by Mya Barnett, Grade 6

A Dog and a Squirrel, written by Alexis Morales

by Alexis Morales, Grade 7

Escape From the Taco Shop, written by Christopher Smolej

by Christopher Smolej, Grade 7

Mika's Fortune, written by Faith Emiry

by Faith Emiry, Grade 8

Aristotle & Galileo, written by Yeji Kim

by Yeji Kim, Grade 8

A Murder of Crows, written by Maisy Beo

by Maisy Beo, Grade 8

The Wish, written by Hannah Rennie

by Hannah Rennie, Grade 5

Half Asleep, written by Leah Oster

by Leah Oster, Grade 6

A Truly Gross Adventure: A collection of Poetry, written by Sofie Finn Storan

by Sofie Finn Storan, Grade 4

Why Peacocks have Colourful Feathers, written by Safaa Ali

by Safaa Ali, Grade 4

Inspire young readers & give back to a great cause. 100% of proceeds benefit the winning author’s charity of choice! Last year’s winners, Sumal and Olivia, donated over $600 to Operation Smile Canada!