The Shores of Miami written by Szerminski
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The Shores of Miami

Written by Lucy Szerminski
Cover illustration by Xinyu Ding

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Starving, and desperate for freedom, young Yanara risks everything to flee Cuba on a makeshift raft. In the face of oppression, and an unrelenting sea determined to stop their progress, Yanara’s journey takes us on a wildly visceral ride through open waters. Her journey shows just how powerful human’s will can be when faced with only two options: living or dying.

About the Author

Lucy Szerminski was born in Barrie, Ontario and soon developed a wide variety of interests. The first known thing that she wrote was a note reading, “Lucy dosint wont eny woder.” Her first inspiration to write was the Harry Potter series at seven years old, which she then incessantly reread over and over again in different orders. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys reading, writing, rock climbing, thoroughly searching beaches for shells and rocks, telling people why the company Nike is called Nike and talking to herself.

About the Illustrator

Xinyu Ding is an illustrator and painter born in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, and now a Toronto-based freelance illustrator. She is a 2019 graduate student from Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto. Most of her work is inspired by daily life and daydreaming. Watercolor and digital painting are two mediums she mostly likes to use. To view more of her work, visit her website

Winner of Kids Write 4 Kids Creative Challenge

The Shores of Miami is a 2018-2019 Kids Write 4 Kids Winner. Kids Write 4 Kids is an annual writing contest for youth in grades 4-8. Since 2012, fifteen young writers have become published authors, instilling confidence in these individuals and serving as an inspiration for their peers. Inspire your kids to write by reading books written by their peers.

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Ripple Foundation is a charitable organization that aims to empower the next generation of leaders by fostering creativity and cultivating a passion for reading and writing in youth across Canada. Kids Write 4 Kids is a writing contest for youth in grades 4-8, where the winning story becomes a published book. Proceeds from book sales on Amazon, Google Play, Apple Books, and Overdrive are donated to the winner’s charity of choice; by doing so, we are also fostering a sense of philanthropy. » Learn More