Balancing My Part-Time Job and School

July 1, 2021 By
A person sits on a cartoon clock face and puts pieces of paper, which represents tasks they must accomplish, at the different hour marks.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, my schoolwork started piling up more and my job became stricter with rules and regulations. The amount of shifts I have also increased. I had no time to prepare for this. I never would have thought that a pandemic would happen during the busiest and most important year of high school. I began getting more assignments and tests in school. At work, I was getting more shifts because my co-workers were taking a leave of absence due to the pandemic. I had to learn to balance my job and school work. I didn’t have the time to complete things like I used to. I was put under more pressure and given more responsibilities. However, this gave me the opportunity to improve my time management and organization. 

At first, I was extremely stressed out due to the fact that I was not used to the amount of work given to me. It just kept piling up. Honestly, It seemed to never end. It felt like when I finished one assignment five others were assigned right after that. So, I decided to start planning a schedule in order to help me complete my homework and be able to rest from a day at my job.

While working around my given schedule from work, I have given myself days and times to do my school work. For example, if I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, I would work in the appropriate amount of time to do my assignments. So, I would take three to five hours out of the days I didn’t work to complete my homework, study the material, and even work ahead if I had extra time. 

It was not easy to adjust to this new lifestyle since I am so used to having more availability. My school life and work life completely changed. It almost felt a little too cramped for a while. I had to grow accustomed to the new way of things and I did not have a choice. But, who doesn’t like a  challenge, especially; if that challenge can help you grow and better develop qualities that can be of further use in the future. Obviously, at times, I get stressed or scheduling doesn’t always work out if I get called into work because someone can’t make it. However, that is why I give myself more than 2 hours to do schoolwork. Because, if I do get called in, I used those extra hours to go a little further ahead with my assignments so I’m not behind. I found it to be better to do a little extra work since you never know what could interrupt your schedule. 

Everyone is different when it comes to coping and adjusting to something new. For me, I found that planning ahead and creating a schedule has helped me in my current situation with my work and school. I am less stressed, less tired and I even have time to myself. This method works perfectly for me and I’m surely becoming more adjusted to my new lifestyle. 

About the Author

Alyssa Da Silva: Alyssa is a grade 12 student who likes to play drums, guitar, and piano. In her spare time, she likes to listen to music, draw, play video games, and watch TV. She also enjoys baking, being outside, going for bike rides and walks, and hanging out with friends. Alyssa’s favorite subject in school is biology and she plans to study animal care in the future.